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American-Style Fridge Freezers

There's a lot to like about a fridge freezer that's American-style - they're big and bold enough to make an impressive style statement in your kitchen. They are also very practical, with lots of storage space, and features such as drinking water and ice dispensers.

However, it's worth bearing a few things in mind before you buy one.


American fridge freezers tend to be bigger than UK models. This gives you more space to store your food items. The average size can accommodate up to 38 grocery bags of food which is ideal for families who have a big appetite and often entertain guests. Select a model that has an integrated water and ice dispenser to provide easy chilled drinks on demand. Our range includes slimline models for smaller spaces as well as larger double-door options that will fit your family.

You can find American fridge freezers that come in a variety of finishes that will match your kitchen. You can choose from sleek silver, sophisticated black minimalist white, or bolder finishes.

You can be assured that our models are made by top brands. Our collection includes fridge freezers with an A rating for energy. This means that you will be comfortable and save money on your electricity bills.

Before making a purchase it is important to measure the space you'll be placing your American fridge-freezer. Verify that the fridge freezer is able to open and close its door easily. Also, verify if there are any shelves or drawers inside. We recommend planning your kitchen route with the appliance in mind so that you can see if there are any difficult areas to navigate. It is important to ensure that you can still reach your favourite snacks!


The size of refrigerator freezers that are American-style isn't all that makes them stand out. They are an excellent way to impress your friends and family with your wealth and taste. They also come with features that other refrigerators don't include, such as water and ice dispensers, digital displays, and fancy drawers for vegetables and fruits to keep food fresher for longer.

The color options for refrigerators are also more varied than the other appliances. This means you can pick a fridge that will fit your kitchen. The stainless steel models that are brushed are especially eye-catching, as they blend into the kitchen, creating an elegant yet subtle design statement.

The newest American-style fridges also include a variety of smart technology that could help reduce food waste and make your life easier. For instance the Samsung Bespoke range of fridges (which was introduced at CES in 2021) can be customized according to your requirements using an array of colors and sizes. You can also get a 21.5-inch Android tablet installed, which provides useful access to the internet, as well as an array of apps for shopping lists and calendars, recipes, messages, photos and timers, among other things. It will recognize your voice and answer questions just like Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Not everyone wants a smart refrigerator. You may prefer a less flashy but still functional model such as the iQ500 from SMEG. It is available in a range of classic retro shades. It has a nonplumbed water dispenser, which lets you dispense clean, cold filtered water, and instant ice.


American fridge freezers are bigger than their British counterparts which allows you to store and preserve far more food until you're ready to consume it. They are perfect for large families as well as those who host frequent guests. They can also be utilized by anyone looking to buy in bulk or at a discounted price to reduce waste.

You can find a wide assortment of storage options inside American-style refrigerators including drawers and shelves. Some refrigerators come with adjustable shelves, making it possible to customize your cheap fridge to fit different sizes of drink and food containers. Door racks are ideal to store condiments such as mustard, ketchup, and pasteurised juices. Freezer drawers are great for frozen meats, vegetables, and bread. It's recommended to avoid storing milk in the door because it will be more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and could spoil faster.

A well-stocked, organized fridge is a beautiful sight. In addition to being attractive, a fridge well-organized can help you save money, reduce food wastage and cut down on those annoying fridge smells. It's easy to achieve with the right kitchen accessories.

Make sure you have a clear system for organising foods, by using containers and storage solutions that can be clearly labeled. You'll never need to search for a jar or ask what the strange green blob at the bottom of your fridge is. Use clear plastic containers, baskets, and bins to keep the different types of food. Also, consider investing in fridge door racks ($13 on Amazon) to keep jars and bottles.

Energy efficiency

American fridge freezers can be a great way to add a modern appeal to your kitchen. They are large in storage capacity that will allow you to store a large amount of your weekly groceries while keeping your food fresh. However, they can also be costly to operate because of their high energy consumption. The good thing is that you could drastically reduce your electric bill by selecting an appliance that has a higher energy efficiency rating. Choose models that have a higher A or A+ energy label as they will consume less energy than models with a lower rating.

Energy efficient fridges can save you a significant amount of money over the long term. A refrigerator that has low carbon emissions can also help to reduce the impact of your home on the environment. Some models also offer a holiday mode which automatically changes the freezer in the fridge to a power-saving mode when you're away.

There are many energy-efficient fridges that offer features like an automated ice maker or twin cooling systems. This can help improve efficiency by separating fridge and freezer sections, which prevents warmer fridge air from causing freezing issues in the bottom of your freezer.

If you're seeking an American fridge freezer with a smaller footprint, consider opting for an ultra-slim model. They can be as small as 70cm in width and are suitable for UK homes with less available space. These are usually placed side-by-side and include a freezer compartment above the refrigerator. This means that you don't need to bend to access your frozen food. These come in many different styles, like silver or stainless steel.

Buying a New Fridge Freezer

American fridge freezers are a great addition to any kitchen, and offer a lot of storage. They're great for anyone who wants to store a variety of fresh ingredients, regardless of whether they are a foodie, a parent, or entertainer.

You'll find models in a variety of colours to match your kitchen, including sleek black which can really enhance the appearance. Many models also come with a wide choice of door racks, enabling you to keep larger cartons and bottles upright and freeing up space on the shelves to store other items. You'll also find a number of plumbed water and fridge-freezer ice dispensers, allowing you to get instant ice cold drinking water or crushed ice for cocktails on demand.

Choosing an energy efficient model is also important with American refrigerator freezers. They are typically on all day therefore they must be energy efficient to reduce your household bills. All of our models come with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) which shows how efficient they are.

Don't forget to consider the installation and delivery costs of your new appliance. It's essential to measure the width, height and depth of your home entrance as well as any doors or steps it will need to go through to get into your kitchen. You can then compare these measurements to the dimensions of the model to ensure that it will fit before you buy. You can employ a handyman or strong man to help you move it up and down the staircase.